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Grande Reserve Brut

Winemaker’s Notes

Hectares of vineyard spread over different villages. The vineyard expands over 30 hectares in 8 crus. In total, the supply comes from 107 hectares of vineyard spread over 40 different villages. The Grand Reserve Brut is a blend of several years and is beautifully balanced combining richness, fruitiness and freshness. J de Telmont is a biodynamic Champagne house

Tasting notes

This Champagne boasts tiny bubbles and a fine mousse. The initial nose has slightly vinous pear notes. When swirled, the nose is fruity (quince, pear, apple, white fruits) and floral, with peach and muscat aromas, and mineral notes. This cuvée has a nice and round attack. The wine is subtle, pleasant, light and fruity, with aromas of pear and quince, with a good, round finish.

Serving Suggestion

Great as an aperitif or to go with a very special meal. Pairs well with a savoury goat cheese tart, blue cheese, and ham. Try it with deep-fried catfish or deep-fried bass, soups, or stews.

Spec Sheet
Vineyard       J de Telmont
Varietal         33% each of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay

Appellation   Champagne
Vintage         N/V
Body             Light
Alcohol %     12%

Sugar            g/l

Price per bottle

Price per case (6 bottles)



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