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Valdobbiadene DOCG Spumante Brut Fagher

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Winemaker’s Notes

The grapes are harvested from mid-
September to mid-October. Vinification occurs with soft pressing of the grapes and fermentation without skins at controlled temperature of 18°C in oak. A second fermentation then occurs in steel barrels.

Tasting notes

The rich aromas are of citrus and fresh vegetables, often with a pleasant hint of bread. Delicate bubbles add to it's long and clean finish and make it a perfect pairing for a wide range of food.

Serving Suggestion

Nice with fish starters or a vegetable first course. Also pairs well with baked seafood dishes. It is customary to serve this wine for the whole meal.

Spec Sheet
Vineyard       Venetian Pre Alps
Varietal         Prosecco Cartizze 100%
Appellation   Veneto
Vintage         N/V
Body             Light
Alcohol %     11.5%

Sugar            9 g/l

Price per bottle

Price per case (6 bottles)



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